SWITCH SERIES,SMD Embossed carrier tapes,NTE International Co., Ltd.(恩諦益集團)
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SMD with a full set type
  • Embossed Carrier Tape
    Suitable for:Inductance, Coil, Components, Shield...
  • Passive Device Carrier Tape
    Suitable for:Resistor, Capacitor & SMD Components...
  • Cover
    Item:heat-sealing Cover Tape, self-adhesive Cover Tape
  • Plastic Reel
    Normal & with Anti-static
  • Paper Reel
    Material:Paper, Diametric: 13′′, 15′′, 22′′
  • Components Packing Tube
    Available for customer require
SWITCH customized development
  • Appearance Design
    3D Design for special inquiry
  • Photo Type Tool
    Customized processing tool
  • Mechanism Design
    All the mold design & manufacture in house, piece parts production & assembly same
  • Mold Set Up & Mass Production
    From mold design & manufacture to precision production
  • Quality Control
    Strictly abide by ISO9001 quality assurance
  • After Service
    We offer the best convenient sales & technical service

About NTE

NTE Group is a design and manufacturing company specializing in automotive electronic products, customized switches, energy-saving products and SMT carrier tape solutions. To meet production needs, we have two manufacturing plants in Guangdong and Fujian, China. And has obtained ISO9001:2015, UL, CUL, CE, ROHS & REACH quality certificates and has the ability to provide high quality products to customers.

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